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By using a delivery point of sale system, restaurateurs will offer their customers fast service, have the ability to print daily reports, schedule the correct employees for specific shifts and jobs, and access maps while out on a delivery.

Delivery Features:

Online mapping while on delivery routes

Recognition of repeat customers

Detailed business reporting

Quickly and easily process customer orders

Inventory control

Customizable menu screen with all items in one place

Ability to view previous order history

Speed of Service

In order to please your customers in the delivery point of sale business, it is imperative that you move fast. After an order is placed, a meal is prepared and someone is on their way to deliver it. With an Ambit pos system, you are able to quickly enter the order in to your delivery pos system and find the customer's location immediately to deliver their order as promised.


With an Ambit delivery point of sale system, you'll have the opportunity to print various reports from one location. Keep track of inventory, ingredients, checkout, gift cards and sales on your pos system. These reports can be printed by shift, day, week or month to ensure your business has continued success.


An important feature of delivery is dispatching. With an Ambit delivery pos system, dispatchers will have the ability to assign specific drivers during peak and slower times. You'll be able to utilize the driver rotation to automatically put drivers in the order of who is up next and for orders from the same geographical area to be assigned to one driver. There are also online maps to avoid driver delays and delivery confirmation allows a driver on a delivery to login and verify that a delivery has been successful.

Customer Loyalty

Luckily, in the delivery point of sale industry, you see a lot of repeat customers. There's always the guy that orders the same two pizzas on a Friday night and after a while, it's important to show him that you appreciate his business. With Ambit's delivery point of sale system, you'll be able to offer him discounts and coupons to keep him coming back every Friday.

Online Ordering

As technology advances, several delivery establishments are realizing the importance of offering online ordering to their customers. With an Ambit system, you'll give your patrons the ability to place an order while they are on the internet. Since people are spending more and more time on the Internet with the use of smart phones, online ordering will give your customers another avenue to place an order at your restaurant.

Auditing & Control

With an Ambit delivery pos system, auditing and control will ensure accountability. Customer qualifiers will allow your staff to enter free form comments, bad check, do not deliver, VIP, require approval and allow charge so you know for future reference. A driver will also be prompted to cash out any open checks as soon as they return from a delivery to lessen accidental assignments to checks.
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