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Liquor Stores

An Ambit point of sale system gives your liquor store the ability to control inventory, create customer loyalty and sell merchandise in different units. You'll instantly improve the bottom line of your business with an Ambit liquor point of sale system.

Liquor Store Features:

Robust inventory management system so you are aware of what inventory is on hand, on order and in transit

Keep up with different brands, distributors and vendors

Reporting capabilities to view and print past sales history

Track customer loyalty and create house accounts

Ability to sell merchandise by using stocking unit or up to five different selling units

Inventory Control

Managing liquor inventory can be confusing when drinks are sold by case, six-pack and individual bottle. Ambit offers a POS solution that allow liquor store employees to monitor inventory counts to know when restock and how many units to order. They can also analyze employee performance and perform blind check-outs to explain liquor shrinkage and cash drawer shortages.

Intuitive Interfaces

Ambit offers easy to use POS touch screens that allow employees to ring up drinks by case, pack, bottle and bulk prices, or even mix and match. The intuitive interfaces automatically apply the appropriate discounts for each quantity, so employees don't have to waste time entering them manually. Liquor stores are a popular destination on drinking holidays like the Fourth of July and St. Patrick's Day. Customers won't want to wait in long lines while carrying heavy cases and rushing home to get back to their party guests. Ambit touch screens offer quick and easy payment processing to keep lines moving.

Age Verification

When working at a liquor store, it's always better to be safe than sorry. Selling alcohol to someone under the age of 21, whether accidental or intentional, can lead to hefty fines and potential lawsuits. For age verification that liquor stores can count on, Ambit offers a camera scanner that recognizes IDs and Driver's Licenses from every state.


Different seasons call for different drinks. Ambit offers advanced reporting that helps liquor stores to forecast sales for seasons and holidays. By tracking trends and running detailed sales reports, liquor store managers will know the best time to stock-up up on fruity summer drinks or spiked eggnog and which quantity people will want to buy them in.
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