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School Stores

The Ambit School POS system allows employees to efficiently facilitate student needs year-round for apparel, supplies and text books.

School Store Features:

Robust inventory management system so you are aware of what inventory is on hand, on order and in transit

Reporting capabilities to view and print past sales history

Ability to reward loyal customers with promotions, discounts and coupons

Security to control who uses your point of sale system

Email Marketing

Ambit POS systems provide insight to the email offers you should be sending your customers. Anytime a student purchases an item from your school store, the system will save that information for future use. Using Ambit system logs, emails can be sent to customers notifying them of upcoming sales or discounts for an item they previously purchased. Customers can also be encouraged to come back to your store by receiving coupons to their email. Ambit School POS systems can tell you how many people opened each email, allowing you to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts.


Keep your store open 24/7, 365 and expand from brick-and-mortar operations with an integrated e-commerce system. Our systems offer e-commerce functionality, allowing school stores to integrate business operations with electronic systems. With Ambit e-commerce solutions managers can run reports, analyze sales history and send newsletters.

Mobile POS

Ambit Mobile POS allows you to make sales outside your store. Our mobile solution is ideal for selling school apparel and supplies at outdoor events on campus like orientations, football games and parades.

Mobile Alerting

Be aware of everyone and everything in your store with Ambit Mobile Alerting. Our mobile alerts can provide you with the security to monitor and prevent theft in your school store. Any time there is suspicious activity in your school/book store, mobile alerts will be sent so you have the ability to decrease any chance of theft or fraud. You'll be involved in all activities of your store so you can stop anything that may negatively impact your business.

Inventory Management

Ambit's School POS solution is built to manage a large inventory of school apparel and supplies. Managers and employees can log previous purchases, which will help them determine which school apparel items are most popular and which sizes are bought most often. Knowing those numbers will allow them to track inventory accordingly.

Customer Loyalty

Our School POS reporting capabilities also allow managers to implement a customer loyalty system. By identifying students and faculty members who are frequent customers and frequently purchase, the store can award them with coupons, discounts and punch cards.


With several hundred students coming in and out of the store in the beginning of each semester, it's difficult to keep an eye on everyone in the store at all times. Our security feature keeps your store safe by allowing administrators to choose who they grant access to the POS system.
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Ambit also offers free point of sale system demonstrations either onsite at your location or at our in-house showroom.
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