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Thrift Stores

With an Ambit Technologies thrift store pos system, a company can track inventory and customer loyalty, as well as have access to an unlimited number of products/sku's. An Ambit thrift store point of sale system will quickly transform the bottom line of your business.

Thrift Store Features:

Robust inventory management system to maintain and manage merchandise

Reporting capabilities to view and print sales history from the past few weeks and months

Fast and accurate checkout to reduce wait times

Ability to access and print unlimited barcodes

Create donation receipts

Calculate profit margins/best and worst selling items

Email Marketing:

With the reports your Ambit pos system produces, you can determine what types of emails you should be sending out to the public. When a customer visits your thrift store and purchases an item, your Ambit system will log that information for future use. When there is an upcoming sale or discount for a specific item, the system will recognize the importance of sending an email about the sale or promotion to those customers. Repeatedly receiving coupons and discounts will entice a customer to visit more often. The system can also determine how many people are viewing each email so you can see which ones are most effective.


An important asset of an Ambit pos system is its e-commerce functionality. With e-commerce, your thrift store has the ability to set their business up on the Internet and other electronic systems. The solution will allow you to manage your entire business from one powerful solution and give you the online presence your company has been looking for. E-commerce will draw new customers to your products and location through email newsletters and various promotions. Your online store can be managed the same way you manage your business on a daily basis, with the ability to run reports and analyze sales history.

Mobile Point of Sale

With the ease of Ambit's mobile pos, you'll have the ability to take your thrift store anywhere. Rather than moving bulky cash registers outdoors where they're susceptible of being damaged by harsh weather conditions, mobile point of sale allows employees to ring up items outside. It will also give your business the freedom to take items from your thrift store to an event downtown and ring up customers on a mobile device. You'll never miss an opportunity to conduct a transaction.

Mobile Alerting

As a thrift store owner, you always want to be aware of what is happening throughout your shop. Unfortunately, keeping track of everything that goes on is a big challenge. An Ambit system will give you the security you need with mobile alerting. Any time there is suspicious activity in your thrift store, mobile alerts will be sent so you have the ability to decrease any chance of theft or fraud. You'll be involved in all activities of your store so you can stop anything that may negatively impact your business.
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